Naked Tourists Arrested in Venice Canal

Two tourists were fined after police found the men swimming naked in a Venice canal.

According to, the two Czech tourists were in Italy for a soccer game and fined an estimated $3,320 for obscene acts when they were caught skinny-dipping in the canal near Piazza San Marco Monday night.

Police were patrolling the most visited part of Venice when people on the shore of the canal notified them of a couple of nude men trying to get the attention of passers-by. When police found them, they were jovial and told officers they wanted to go for a swim on a warm night.

The men peacefully left the water and the police made them put their clothes back on before taking them to the station. The authorities levied a fine under legislation covering acts against public decency.

The naked swimmers are just the latest tourists to cause a problem in Venice, which continues to deal with problems associated with overtourism. City officials have introduced measures to curb bad behavior from visitors and restrict massive crowds of people who descend on the city during peak season.

Earlier this week, a video also surfaced of a gondolier being headbutted and punched by a tourist who was reportedly asked to get out of a gondola for taking selfies.

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