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Ted Travels the tiniest nations of South America

Tiny Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana offer a side to Latin America that just a few get to see. Each of the three nations was colonised by a different European country, which made them quite different from their neighbouring countries.

The three Guyanas are highly cosmopolitan, a mix of their native and European heritage, as well as many influences that have given the countries a unique identity with nuances of the Caribbean, African and Asian cultures.

Little known by the world, the Guyanas are incredible destinations for the emerging ecotourism market with impressive waterfalls, lush rainforest and tropical wildlife. The ex-British colony, Guyana, is 80% covered by rainforest, the country hosts the amazing Kaieteur Falls, a single drop falls that compete against Venezuela’s famous Angel Falls, but much less crowded by the tourism.

While in Guyana the population speaks English and are mad about cricket, in Suriname the national language is Dutch. Here, in Paramaribo, the capital city, travellers can see the Dutch heritage in the architecture that resembles the old Amsterdam. Just like Guyana, Suriname is also covered in the lush jungle that enables the country to exploit its natural assets to promote ecotourism activities that are definitely worth their remoteness. But that is not all, we can offer travellers a whole experience adding French Guiana to their itineraries! In French Guiana, your clients can explore the Kourou Space Centre and the 18thcentury ruins of the prisons on Iles du Salut, also known as “Devil Island”. An interesting fact about French Guiana is that its home to some H’ mong villages that migrated from North Vietnam a while back. This is a reflection of how diverse is Latin America and how much it can open new horizons.

If you want to give your clients a great trip to the most secluded countries in Latin America, don’t hesitate to call us for the best advice to design a unique holiday to these three little countries.

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