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Ted Travels the best in Chile

I often get asked what, when and where to go with a bit of time in each country, as you well know, I always suggest slow travel so that your clients can really get a sense of a place. However, if it comes to my personal favourites, I can suggest a few experiences to add to your client’s itinerary for each country in Latin America. Today I will start with Chile.

Although Chile is a very thin country, it´s long figure conveys many different climates and environments that offer amazing experiences for the whole family. Let’s start with Santiago, as our getaway with daily flights, often twice daily. We would suggest a bike tour around the city to discover the different neighbourhoods. For a little bit of Latin culture, make sure you mention poet Pablo Neruda´s various houses: La Chascona in Santiago; Isla Negra in the coast, and La Sebastiana in Valparaiso. We can arrange day trips from Santiago including Valparaiso and Casablanca Valley for some wine tastings, the Maipo area for river rafting, Farallones for ski slopes, and if your clients are there in March, to celebrate the Vendimia, my favourite: wine harvest.

For some natural wonders, Chile surely has it all! So to make the perfect natural landscape holiday adventure I will start with the Pan-American Highway and finish along the Carretera Austral. Start the adventure and romantic holiday in the Atacama Desert for Mars-like surroundings. Head south crossing various ecosystems. The first major stop is Colchagua Valley -more wines to explore-, and continue to Pucon in the lake district of Chile, beautiful! Ferry to Chiloé Island to breath in the crisp air, catch ferry cross a fjord and pick up the Carretera Austral continuing on towards the Marble Caves, and into the valleys, rivers, national parks with hanging glaciers. It will take around 10 days minimum to explore all of this.

Adventure, romantic, honeymoon, adrenalin, health and relaxation holidays are all perfect for this itinerary. Wildlife spotting like the puma, Guanacos and mighty condor is also possible in this area! There are several ways to get to Torres del Paine National Park. Accommodation from camping to glam camping and amazing lodges catering for every budget along this incredible route. For your hardcore trekking clients, we can send them to the island Isla Navarino in Tierra del Fuego, and a boat ride to Cape Horn!

For clients wanting remote and isolation, send them to exotic Easter Island, explore culture and history. Here they can learn about the life of the Rapa Nui. Walk amongst nearly 900 massive stone Moai, believed to represent ancient ancestors, the sacred statues watch over the island’s beaches and volcanoes.

Yes, and there is more! Call us for the best way to explore Chile. Whether it is fly fishing, bike riding, kayaking amongst icebergs, or relaxing in a beautiful lodge in a spectacular valley! We can suggest and design the best Chile holiday. There are plenty of holiday options. Look up the history of the Carmenere grape, tell us about it and we will send you a bottle!

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