Ted Travels: Central America ideas ·

Ted Travels: Central America ideas

I keep writing short stories about experiences in South America, but did you know we can also create and design itineraries in 7 countries of Central America, plus Mexico and Cuba? We will even create an island hoping inclusive tour around 3 or 4 Caribbean Islands avoiding beach stop overs.

There is so much to do and see in Central American from a day trips crossing the Panama Canal, (clients don’t need to do 10-night cruise to do that!) to exploring the tropical rain forests of Panama and Costa Rica, full of National Parks with small boutique lodges to stay at like the La Senda Lodge. Located in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, area dominated by the Arenal Volcano and a short distance away from the Pacific coast with great surf beaches, this lodge will include week of activities like zip lines, white-water rafting, walks, and bird watching.

What about sending your VIP clients to their very own island just 20 miles from Panama City, Islas Secas, 14 islets with no more than 18 guests. They can snorkel, dive, whale watch, trek and be dropped off on a deserted island with picnic lunch or they can enjoy a full family vacation. This property is powered by natural energy a model of sustainable tourism.

I also need to tell you about Guatemala, with its amazing and beautiful country side dominated by volcanoes, coffee plantations on the slopes where clients can visit the “fincas” and “brew “ their own coffee! Or visit Mayan villages with unpronounceable names like Chichicastenango or Quetzaltenango, villages full of colour with markets where indigenous people trade their goods. Then, clients can also explore the Mayan ruins like Tikal. At the end of an active tour, we recommend slowing down at Lake Atitlan, surrounded by three volcanoes, to enjoy the views and go on slow walks.

Another place not to miss is Belize and its barrier reef, the world-known Blue Hole, the Mayan ruins and jungle. I’ll have to write more columns on this part of Latin America!

Although we run tours to all 21 Latin America countries and Antarctica, right now we don’t advice travellers to go to either Venezuela or Nicaragua. That’s the other important thing we do, along with our local partners, if we feel its unsafe, we won’t send passengers there.

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