Sri Lanka is safe from Getaboutasia ·

Sri Lanka is safe from Getaboutasia

Despite being Lonely Planet’s top destination for 2019, it is understandable following the Easter tragedies that tourism has slowed in this beautiful country. However, like other cities that have experienced attacks, Sri Lanka has risen from the ashes and has become a safe and welcoming tourism hotspot once again.

Security and safety have become a tourism priority, security checks and metal detectors are now standard at hotels, airports and even shopping centres – and the country once again feels completely safe. GetAboutAsia Team Leader, Nicole Ballard, returned from Sri Lanka last week, where she was meeting with tourism industry leaders and representatives to ensure that Sri Lanka was once again a safe destination for Aussie travellers. “You can see the heightened security,” Nicole Ballard said, “but it didn’t get in the way of what was an amazing trip, and made me feel safe and secure at every hotel.”

Like every city in the world that has been the recipient of terror attacks, the real victims tend to be the locals. “With a shortage of tourists, even the villager on the side of the road selling coconuts isn’t earning enough to feed his family. The best thing we can do for Sri Lanka is to start travelling there again,” Ms. Ballard added.

Over the past several years Sri Lanka became a popular tourism destination, largely in part due to its contrast and variety. Sri Lankan Tourism boast that this is the only destination in the world where you can see elephants and blue whales on the same day, with only a short drive in between.

Sri Lanka are welcoming Australian tourists back with open arms and gratitude, and Aussies visiting while Sri Lanka re-emerges can expect VIP treatment and an amazing holiday. DFAT as also relaxed the travel warnings in Australia to visit Sri Lanka like majority of countries around the world. Getaboutasia brand of Chimu Adventures can arrange an affordable and personalised holiday tailored to suit your preferences and budget. —

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