Izu Ani’s Dubai concept GAIA set to expand globally

The latest concept from Izu Ani, GAIA, is set for global expansion, only six months after opening in Dubai, according to the founder of its operator Bulldozer Group.

Speaking exclusively to Caterer Middle East, Evgeny Kuzin said the restaurant had done “better than any possible expectation” in its first half year and would now be opening in Monaco this summer, followed by Miami in February 2020, and Moscow and London later that year.

GAIA hit the headlines shortly after opening following a negative review from food critic Samantha Wood which drew Ani’s ire, but it has bounced back from that tough beginning with Kuzin saying it has been “very well received” and that he is “super happy” with it.

Despite only being in operation for six months, and being a completely original homegrown, Dubai concept with no international reputation, Kuzin said he is “100% confident” in the brand and that it had had a lot of interest from abroad. He added that GAIA will not be franchised, with Bulldozer Group continuing to operate it in each location.

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