International and domestic visitors choose NSW ·

International and domestic visitors choose NSW

Domestic and international visitors have made their choice and reaffirmed NSW as Australia’s premier tourism state, with the latest independent survey results showing it to be the most popular destination for both groups.

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said according to the latest round of the International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Survey (NVS), NSW was well ahead of its nearest rivals, Victoria and Queensland, boasting record international and domestic visitor nights and expenditure and significant growth in international and domestic overnight visitors.

“Internationally, NSW received 4.3 million visitors who stayed 95.5 million nights and spent $10.6 billion,” Mr Perrottet said.

“This meant NSW exceeded Victoria by 1.3 million visitors, 25.3 million nights and $2.4 billion in spend while we outperformed Queensland by 1.6 million visitors, 41.1 million nights and $4.8 billion in spend.”

“Domestically, we welcomed 33.6 million overnight visitors who stayed 105.1 million nights and for the first time ever, these visitors spent more than $20 billion.”

“In terms of interstate and intrastate visitors combined, NSW leads Victoria by 8.3 million visitors, 31.7 million nights and $5.8 billion expenditure; and Queensland by 10.8 million visitors, 13 million nights and $2.8 billion in expenditure.”

“These impressive numbers are turbocharging our economy, generating jobs and driving investment in local communities as tourists yet again choose to visit NSW ahead of all other states.”

“This hasn’t happened by accident and this is why we are committed to building infrastructure, investing in tourism generating jobs reinvesting in cultural infrastructure, stadiums, which attracts events and visitors.”

The results also revealed that regional NSW achieved its highest number of international and domestic overnight visitors on record, growing by 4.3 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.

Sydney domestic overnight visitor growth was 9 per cent and regional NSW growth was 8 per cent. Sydney achieved its highest international and domestic overnight expenditure on record.

“The results speak to the broad appeal of NSW; we really do have something for everyone, with our Sydney icons and city skyline, renowned beaches and waterways, outback and bush adventures, world-class food and wine, and impressive major events calendar,” Mr Perrottet said.


International Visitor Survey (IVS)

Visitors                        Spend                             Nights
NSW: 4.3 million      NSW: $10.6 billion     NSW: 95.5 million

VIC: 3 million           VIC: $8.3 billion          VIC: 70.2 million

QLD: 2.8 million     QLD: $5.9 billion         QLD: 54.5 million

·         NSW continued to lead Australia with visitors (51% share), nights (35% share) and expenditure (36%).

·         NSW received 4.3 million visitors (+3.4%, up 142,500) who stayed 95.5 million nights (+0.6%, up 601,100) and spent $10.6 billion (+2.1%, up $219.3 million).

·         NSW exceeded Victoria by 1.3 million visitors (or 44% higher than VIC), 25.3 million nights (or 36% higher) and $2.4 billion (or 28% higher) in spend.

·         NSW exceeded Queensland by 1.6 million visitors (or 57% higher than QLD), 41.1 million nights (or 75% higher) and $4.8 billion (or 81% higher) in spend.

·         There was significant growth in visitors to NSW from India (+17%) and Taiwan (+25%).

National Visitor Survey (NVS)

Visitors                            Spend                              Nights
NSW: 33.6 million        NSW: $20.4 billion      NSW: 105.1 million

VIC: 25.4 million          VIC: $14.6 billion         VIC: 73.4 million

QLD: 22.8 million        QLD: $17.6 billion        QLD: 92.1 million

·         NSW continues to lead Australia in visitor numbers, nights and expenditure for the year with largest share in all three metrics (33%, 29% and 29%, respectively).

·         NSW received 33.6 million domestic overnight visitors (+8.4%, up 2.6 million) who stayed 105.1 million nights (+5.5%, up 5.5 million) and spent $20.4 billion (+13.0%, up $2.4 billion)

·         NSW achieved significant growth in all three metrics, and surpassed national growth in visitors and expenditure (+7%, and +10.3%, respectively).

·         NSW visitor growth was more than double that of QLD and its expenditure growth was the highest of all states in Australia.

·         Both intrastate visitor and interstate visitor numbers to NSW grew (+7% and +12%, respectively).

·          Sydney visitor numbers grew by 9% while regional NSW visitor numbers grew by 8%.

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