Do Mobile Phones have a place in the Travel Workplace ·

Do Mobile Phones have a place in the Travel Workplace

I have a love hate relationship with mobile phones. Most of the time now I hate them. Which is funny for a CIO to say.

I’m of that age that I remember the analogue life; mix tapes, Commodore 64, no Internet, phones connected by a wire to the wall The world that our children can’t imagine ever existed. Actually, my brothers who are ten and  12 years younger struggle to believe that world exists.

I’ve given a lot of people grief over their use of mobile phones. Mobile phones at the family dinner table, the selfie stick (AKA the wand of narcissism) , the 65 hour work week because people can’t disconnect, mobile phones in bed (no wonder you have no sex) poor sleep patterns .All evil.

Mobile phones at school? Cyber bullying, or the fact that they are there to learn, that body dysmorphia disorder – BDD – is on the rise because of the faux photographs and the faux expectations they create. Parents need to take responsibility. That’s it. Toughen up sweetheart. So when the Victorian government said no more, public schools, you may not bring them to school, I thought “awesome”.


Because they distract you. They stop you being where you are. WhatsApp, social media, whatever, get in the way of anyone doing anything. The buzzing phone in the pocket is the easiest way to simulate rapid onset ADHD.  You can’t absorb information if every minute or two someone distracts you. If you are a software developer it’s a disaster to be distracted , so why would you bring it upon yourself?

So naturally, being the shrinking violet that I am, I’ve tried this angle on in a number of workplaces with a number of different some angles, but predominantly being “you are there to work, someone is paying your wages,  put the phone away and do your job”. I hoestly cant see how there is another argument.

The  counterarguments,  largely based on a pumped up sense of privilege  flew thick and fast, every time. From corporate to small business to large business “oh but someone might need to reach me” or “but I need to answer my text messages” shortly followed up by “you really need to loosen up Mark”.

I can’t be swayed.  I expect the companies that I am dealing with we have the same sort of policy with regard to their workforce when it comes to doing their best job, at work. Otherwise you are ultimately ripping me off, especially if I am paying an hourly rate for services.

Do you still disagree? Am I being too hard on my own staff?Do I need to loosen up?

What if it’s your case  that isn’t getting the attention deserves, because  Facebook/WhatsApp et cetera is more important to the person who could be answering your email? What if its you, at the other end of the phone that suffers because of someone else right to have their phone, at work?

Hmm, slightly different perspective…



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