Businesses seek waiver protections through Resmark Systems’ WaiverSign ·

Businesses seek waiver protections through Resmark Systems’ WaiverSign

Finding the sweet spot is the goal of a Salt Lake City company, Resmark Systems, when it comes to making its rapidly growing division, WaiverSign, as user friendly as possible.

Recent upgrades to WaiverSign ( that was launched in 2014 have expanded the reach of what kinds of information can be digitally entered, collected and sorted and stored. Enhanced technical efficiencies and flexible payment options are attracting entities as diverse as churches that run summer camps, to river rafting companies, to a new franchise specializing in the sport of hatchet throwing.

WaiverSign recently surveyed those clients new to the process of obtaining paperless waivers from their customers to ascertain why they placed their trust with WaiverSign. Product maturity, reputation and technical support played into their decisions. They were attracted to how easy it is to set up an online waiver in the WaiverSign application, to the site’s efficiency and design, to how easy the program is for customers to access and to its cross-referencing capabilities.

Flying Colors Trapeze in St. Croix, MN, likes the flexible, customized pricing plan that fits their seasonal business of providing empowering, circus-style activities to youth and adults.

Virtual Room Los Angeles asks clients participating in a virtual reality gaming experience to sign waivers because when people are running around a room wearing headsets there’s an assumption of inherent risks and dangers, said Chip Broyles, Client Success Manager for WaiverSign. “This is one of our busiest clients with more than 4,000 waivers signed annually.”

Stumpy’s Hatchet House, America’s first indoor hatchet-throwing venue headquartered in New Jersey is a franchise that plans in the near future to open a dozen or more locations nationwide. The company was formed when two friends got together to chop wood, observing that people would pay to do this.

A recently added feature of WaiverSign can organize waivers for specific events. This attracted Bethany Church of Broken Arrow, OK, that hosts summer camps and mission trips. “We do a ton of Christian-themed camps and churches. These clients like how easy WaiverSign is to use – and the price,” said Jeremy Jensen of WaiverSign. “They all have the same need of efficiently protecting themselves and making it easier for their folks to get involved in the activities they signed up for. Parents and guardians can easily sign the waivers on any web-enabled mobile device. Plus, there’s an optional language feature; people can easily switch to Spanish.”

Lawyers like the fact that through a digital program people have access to documents to read carefully and to sign before they arrive at an activity destination so there’s no last-minute signing situation. The signed document is also delivered with the signer’s email address. The old paper waivers didn’t do that.

There’s no end in sight for where WaiverSign can be useful, noted Broyles. “It can cover any program that may create potential distress or harm the body. This includes yoga and massage businesses.”

Initially insurance companies recommended WaiverSign for such risk activities as rafting and zip line enterprises. Risk management attorneys helped create the initial version of WaiverSign. “Now our clients are contributing their ideas that help us make the product better and better,” said Broyles.

By incorporating evolving technical and digital capabilities the enhanced WaiverSign platform allows for:

  • a simplified onboarding process,
  • more intuitive waiver creation and signing methods for the end user,
  • the ability to define and capture customized information from each signer beyond standard contact fields,
  • a fully responsive capability so that both the back-office interface, as well as public pages, adjust automatically to the screen size of a particular user,
  • language options so clients can sign waivers in languages of their choice,
  • opportunities for third-party integration, opportunities that the API for the new platform will allow,
  • an upgraded and enhanced overall user experience.

The new platform also offers an Event Management feature that communicates to the event organizer and provides easy access to a printable list of names for managing the event participants; it can identify and locate groups of people who signed a particular waiver or set of waivers for a certain activity on a specific day.

About WaiverSign
Founded in 2013, WaiverSign offers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use digital liability waivers and electronic liability release solutions available in today’s marketplace. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows other reservation and customer relationship databases to push and pull customer data directly to and from WaiverSign. This provides a simple and fool-proof way for collecting customer information in whatever reservation system being used. For more information, visit or call 877.741.7705.

About Resmark Systems
The premier marketing and reservation software platform for tour operators in the adventure travel industry was founded in 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Resmark Systems offers comprehensive tour operator software created by tour operators with multiple years of experience. Resmark Systems software is designed to manage all functions of the tour operator business from online reservations and marketing to finances and accounting. Resmark provides proven cost savings, comprehensive tracking and reporting and unparalleled lead conversion. For more information, visit or call 888.RESMARK (737.6275).

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