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What is the predicted impact of Brexit on Travel

November 2018 was an interesting time to be in the UK. The hundredth anniversary of the armistice of World War I, Remembrance Day. Once enemies, standing side-by-side, wearing the poppy in memory of the fallen. It was sombre, a reminder of the world that we live in and how change.

But it’s all about Brexit. What follows is my super simple summary and why agents need to be prepared for the impact on travel.

Survey size

Who did I ask? People in the travel industry, aircraft engineers, martial artists, trendy musicians, stay-at-home mum’s, uncles, auntie’s, cousins, city dwellers, country folk, senior executives for multinationals and anyone in between.  Most importantly,  an equal proportion of levers and stayers, some of whom now would change their vote

What did they say

Everyone has a different take, but it was pretty easy to find consistency. One is Theresa May is doing a terrible job on answering the unanswerable and she wanted to stay in the first place. Up until the last day, everyone thought the vote would happen, Brexit would fail, focus on the future. Clearly the news outlets of the biggest winners.

Secondly, that it’s super complex. That there is no good deal because nobody understands all the parameters.

Thirdly, almost everyone was influenced by a fake news story.  The methods for pushing fake news as real news was so complex that the average punter had no choice but to believe what they kept reading. It’s the strongest real basis for a new vote.

Simple realities

It’s either going to be a bad deal for the UK, or on March 31, there will be no deal. There’s a lot of pretending that nothing will change, the “momentum” of the UK is so large but the truth is, this is going to change everything for generations across all areas of life and travel.

What do agents need to know

Here is my top five for agents to be thinking about when booking travel between February and June next year.

No matter how you look at it, Brexit’s impact will be felt for decades. Make sure it’s not your bank account and travel reputation that suffers.

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