Asian man arrested in UAE after travel scam tricked people looking for cheap flights

An Asian man who tricked 21 people into parting with their cash in return for cheap flights has been arrested by security teams at the Dhaid Police Station.

The man claimed he was working for a tourist company in Al Dhaid City. After he had collected the money, he moved house and switched off his phone.

His victims discovered the scam after finding no flight bookings under their names in the airlines they were said to have been travelling on.

Sharjah Police said the man was arrested within 48 hours and confessed to the crime as a means to pay off debts totalling more than AED100,000. It said he also claimed he was making the airline reservations without paying and so the tickets were never confirmed.

The man has been detained by police and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Colonel Hamad Abdullah Al Riyami, acting director of the Central Region Police Department, warned members of the public to guard against fraudsters.

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