15 of the world’s cheapest travel destinations in 2017

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  • At this point in time, during this economy, travelling cheap is a win. Destinations that don’t cost you much money to enjoy and to go out in are exactly what we need right now. For the summer vacation, we give you 30 of the cheapest countries to travel to in the world according to the 2019 Backpacker Index, which has ranked 136 cities from cheapest to most expensive.

    Although the amount shown are meant for budget travellers like backpackers, it can also be a useful indicator to people who have more money to spend.

    They ranked each location based on the following variables:

    A dorm bed at a good hostel

    3 budget meals

    2 public transportation rides

    1 paid cultural attraction

    3 cheap hops beverages

    Here is the list of the top 15 cheapest countries to be a tourist in:

    1. Hanoi, Vietnam

    Cost: $18.27 or Dh67.11

    Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and may not be the most exciting place in Vietnam, but the chaotic city centre offers great food and beverages at a low price. The lowest in the world.

    2. Vientiane, Laos

    Cost: $19.26 or Dh70.74

    Vientiane is known to be a very mellow and laid back capital city and also one of the most modern in South East Asia. They have shopping malls, restaurants and even a waterpark. Enjoy the great food and shopping there. 

    3 .Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Cost: $19.44

    Ho Chi Minh City is a huge bargain spot for many travellers, especially because there is so much to do. Cheap food, excursions and hotels.

    4. Yangon, Myanmar

    Price: $20.10

    Yangon used to be the capital of Myanmar and is the largest city in Myanmar, so you can expect that there is plenty to do for less money.

    5. Granada, Nicaragua

    Price: $20.77

    This city is a little far, if you are planning on visiting from the UAE, but Granada has an amazing history and is a bustling city with  Colonial architecture and food. 

    6. Pokhara, Nepal

    Price: $20.98

    Pokara is Nepal’s main tourist destination. Many people head there after arriving to Lathmandu. Pokhara is picturesque and has some great hang out spot.

    7.Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Price: $21.11

    There is so much to see and do around Chiang Mai. It’s a great spot to visit, as it is the most affordable city in all of Thailand.

    8. Hoi An, Vietnam

    Price: $21.18

    Hoi An is a coastal city known for its history. It is cut through with canals, as it was a port city back in the day. The architecture is a mix of Chinese shops and temples as well asl French colonial buildings.

    9.  Quito, Ecuador

    Price: $21.90

    Quito is the capital of Ecuador’s and has a very high altitude of 2.8km. The city’s old architecture is well-preserved. A great place to look back at history and enjoy delicious South American cuisine. 

    10. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Price: $22.23

    Phnom Penh is the buzzing and vibrant capital of Cambodia. To this day, the city old world charming, but with plenty to see and eat. 

    11. Delhi, India

    Price: $23.02 

    Where would one even start with Dehli? There’s an incredible amount of things to do. Delhi is India’s capital territory. It is a huge metropolitan city located in the north. If you want something a little old schoo, check out Old Delhi. It’s a neighborhood dating back to the 1600s. Nearby check out Chandni Chowk, a market bazaar filled with street food, sweets shops and spice stalls.

    12.  Kathmandu, Nepal

    Price: $24.20

    Kathmandu is the captial and the largest city in Nepal. It is incredibly overwhelming, in a good way. Sights, sounds, tastes and buzzing experiences. It’s a growing vacation spot catering to low budgets. 

    13.  Jakarta, Indonesia

    Price: $24.74

    When people think of Indonesia, they immediately think of Bali, but the metropolitan city of Jakarta is an amazing and affordable place to visit. Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital has old colonial buildings and tall skyscrapers. It really is a perfect combo of both worlds. 

    14. Zanzibar City, Tanzania

    Price: $24.91

    15.  Manila, Philippines

    Price: $25.02

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