Mexican State of Jalisco Plans to Build Around 3,000 New Hotel Rooms

The governor of the Mexican state of Jalisco revealed details of a 30-year development plan for the coastal region of Costalegre, according to Mexico News Daily.

During an event at Chalacatepec beach Saturday, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez spoke in detail about the plan, which would “guarantee economic growth and development in the municipalities of Cabo Corrientes, Tomatlan, La Huerta and Cihuatlan.”

The centerpiece of the proposal is a $200-million highway that would connect Chalacatepec to Puerto Vallarta. In addition, the project would include infrastructure projects such as new schools and health clinics.

The new highway will cut down travel time between Puerto Vallarta International Airport and the beaches of Chalacatepec to around 50 minutes.

Alfaro Ramirez also announced plans to build around 3,000 new hotel rooms, with members of civil society, state and municipal authorities, investors and experts handling the development plan and implementing it in phases.

“The intention is that this year we will be able to have a great agreement established with the political, social, economic and academic actors of Costalegre in order to define the direction of this region,” Alfaro Ramirez told Mexico News Daily.

“This project will have a direct impact on social well-being, the economy, land-use planning and protection of the environment,” Alfaro Ramirez continued. “It’s a historic day because today the Costalegre [region] begins a new stage.”

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