German town bands together to deprive neo-Nazi festival of all its beer

Residents in Ostritz, Germany, banned together recently to stick it to a group of neo-Nazis in the only way they know how — by buying up all the town’s beer before they do.

More than 200 crates were scooped up by locals as they prepared for the arrival of “Shield and Sword” (SS) festival attendees, who have a notorious reputation for being far-right activists obsessed with Nazi culture, the BBC reports.

Germans buy all of town’s beer to keep it away from visiting neo-Nazis. iStockSource:istock

The effort came following a reported ban on all alcohol at the weekend event.

Residents began buying up all the booze because they were worried that festivalgoers would try to purchase some at local stores and supermarkets, according to the BBC, which cited interviews with the German newspaper Bild.

“The plan was devised a week in advance,” said local activist George Salditt. “We wanted to dry the Nazis out. We thought, if an alcohol ban is coming, we’ll empty the shelves.”

This story originally appeared on New York Post and was republished here with permission.

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