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Travel for the Truth?

In the era of fake news, the “truth” is a gift for travelers

WTM is always an eye-opening experience. Not just in getting all travel gossip, but by being a retrospective on which in 1994,s a 19 year old, saw me living in the UK for a year. 2018 was no different, apart from stopping off in Singapore for a conference on the way over.

My reflections on this year’s long haul is I get some inkling that there was a very different truth to the one we are fed and the media. What is the truth? How do you find it? Go to the source

He is my three examples.

Ukraine takeover

 Russia “taking over” Ukraine was widely reported as a hostile takeover, annexation, invasion, whatever you will. It happened some time ago. This dialogue has been amped up with the Russian meddling Brexit and US election.

The truth from the home soil? The Ukrainians I spoke to directly, who live there, were happy, and in fact were wanting it to happen. It was a strong and overwhelming opinion from more than a few people – we seem to be getting a very different set of facts which are very anti-Russian.  The Ukrainians are still, by and large, happy with the result.

Singapore Cab Drivers

 There are stereotypes around the world on cabdrivers and Singapore is no different, but for very different reasons. I had four cab rides and the first one explained to me he used to be an IT manager, but now could not find work, the next an investment banker. Every cabdriver was the same – highly employable, highly professional, highly qualified, and now driving a cab.

Singapore is a place to enrich your resume if you work in banking and international finance. The demand for jobs, coupled with great earning opportunities and ever evolving technology means there is always someone younger with a brighter idea ready to make you redundant. And that’s what happens. If you work in professional services and are commanding a good salary in your late 40s, you are pretty much just around the corner from being made redundant and unemployable.


I’ve been watching the Facebook commentary from close friends in the UK on all things Brexit and during my stay caught up with to ask what they really thought.

It’s been incredibly divisive. From the quite literally fake statistics that were posted on London’s double-decker buses (allegedly a campaign written by the same group that won the fake news Facebook war for Trump) through to the inability to discuss key issues has split household.

The impact on tourism will be big. Another article to follow on time.

But it seems the main causes were a majority of people being thoroughly ill informed, that seemingly many want borders tighten because resources, from financial through to healthcare, in the UK, are incredibly stretched, nationalism masquerading as patriotism and not enough millennial’s who cared enough bothering to vote (although turnout overall was very impressive) .

The “ill informed” campaign is scary – quite literally, both sides published and pushed what were entirely fabricated statistics to back their cases.

And whilst Theresa May cops the blame, she’s been left to manage an exit she never wanted in the first place.  And everyone, no matter what their opinion, said that if you include a commentary about people from another country or racial group, you were instantly shut down as “racist”.

Where to from here

The trend for tighter news control continue to increase, with a decrease in our ability to detect what is happening. News as we know it no longer exists, knew about it. Want the truth? Go to the source.

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