STUBA'S Hawaiian Surfin' Safari ·

STUBA’S Hawaiian Surfin’ Safari

Located on the northeast corner of Polynesia, Hawaii is a favourite the world over. With its natural beauty, and usually perfect weather, and some of the highest quality resorts and hotels on the planet, Hawaii has everything for the traveller in search of a break.

The 50th state in the USA, it was previously a major hub for the pineapple, whaling, and sugar industries. Fast forward, and the major economic drive comes (obviously) from Tourism, and also the US Military.

But one thing that can seem a little confusing is which major island should I send my clients to ? Each has its own flavour, and even one or 2 are off limits to most visitors.

Hawaii (The Big Island) – Not a big surprise, but this is the largest of the islands that make up what is generally called Hawaii. Home to one of the most active and largest Volcanoes on earth. Resorts are centred on a few locations including the Kohala Coast, specifically Kailua Kona, but much of the island is farmed, and agriculturally important for the local economy.

O’ahu – The most developed and famous Island. Perfect for clients that want the resort life, bit still close to a large city and the associated benefits. Most Hawaiians call Oahu home, and many centre around Honolulu. The place to be is Waikiki beach, the tourism centre of Hawaii. Dozens of 3, 4 and 5 star resorts vie for business, and most do it well. If your clients are surfers, they will want easy transport to the North Shore, with some of the biggest waves around.

Maui – The second largest island, with the beautiful resort areas of Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kapalua, Kihei, and Wailea. More suited to those who are looking for a more secluded and low-key holiday, and a perfect island for honeymooners.

Kauai – Home to staggering natural wonders Wailua River, Waimea Canyon, and the Na Pali Coast. It rains here. A lot.

Lanai – Not so long ago, the island was entirely a pineapple plantation, but they have pivoted to tourism. The island resorts are more exclusive, and not generally one of the hotspots. However, with a couple of 18 hole golf courses, it maybe just ideal ! don’t expect a vibrant nightlife though…..

Niihau – Privately owned, and not for tourists, although the island has slowly opened a small window to allow visitors on some occasions.

Kahoolawe – There’s not much there, which is unsurprising considering it was previously used as a military bomb test site !




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