Save the Date for The Essesnce of Luxury Travel Show ·

Save the Date for The Essesnce of Luxury Travel Show – March 24 – 29th, 2019

This year’s Traveller Made Essence of Luxury travel show takes place in Marbella, Spain. Traveller Made has a reputation for running a first class program. Anyone with anything to do with the world of luxury travel could benefit from attending.

The Traveller Made network consists of 370 Member Agencies in 64 countries and more than 900 hotel, DMC, yacht, private jet and tourism board partners.

Last year’s show in Deauville, France had 800 participants, all movers and shakers in the luxury travel industry. The Traveller Made Essence of Luxury Travel Show is a community that reunites yearly to exchange, and discover the trends in Luxury Travel and to explore synergies between members. This year’s show is expected to be even bigger and better, as it builds on the success generated from its previous gatherings.

The program is open to hotel partners. DMCs, luxury yacht companies and anyone who offers a service or product that caters to the uber luxury market. The Traveller Made logo is quickly becoming synonymous with quality luxury, and a sign that the associated product or service is exceptional.

Highlights of the show in Marbella include a speakers series focusing on how to build luxury brands. Key speakers from luxury goods industries will come to inspire by recounting their brand stories. One of the highlights of the event includes a gala dinner and awards ceremony that celebrates the best of the best in the luxury market.

The Traveller Made brand has quickly expanded and solidified its reputation in the industry, thanks to the vision of its founder, Quentin Desurmont. A business major, Mr. Desurmont founded his first luxury travel agency in 2007, tailoring itineraries to a uniquely wealthy client base.

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