I got a natural 'face lift' for the first time in my life – here's how I got on

When my editor asked if I wanted to try out a new ESPA Natural Face Lift, I was offended. But I soon got over it.

I’m a lover of anything that involves a massage, and the fact this treatment – new to Farnham Estate Spa & Golf Resort in Co Cavan – is 80-minutes long immediately appealed to me.

The worst thing about having a spa treatment is that they have to end. It’s like you’re on this incredible high, and when the therapist says “time’s up” you want to cry.

‘Face lift’ sounds invasive and painful but this treatment couldn’t have been further away from that.

As I walked into the spa (hungover from drinks in the Wine Goose Cellar Bar the night before), my first impression was of a really comforting decor. I immediately feel relaxed and less hungover.

The therapist at reception gave me a form to fill out.

One of the questions is: “What do you hope to achieve from this treatment?”

“Get rid of my double chin,” I thought to myself. Unfortunately, the ESPA face lift doesn’t achieve that, so I had to settle for rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Farnham Estate is close to the border so its customers are from Northern Ireland and the Republic, which contributes to a nice ambience.

Simon, my therapist, was British and after initially feeling relaxed, I found myself stressed thinking about work and Brexit. I worried what Brexit would mean for poor Simon. I then started talking about it on our walk to the treatment room and I imagine Simon was wishing he got someone else’s face to lift.

Anyway, he thankfully changed the subject and averted my mind from Theresa May.

I’d never had a male therapist before, so I let Simon know he’s my first. No pressure, pal.

He definitely didn’t disappoint.

The British accent is actually quite soothing in the confinements of a treatment room also, in case you were wondering.

He let me know along the way exactly he was doing and what products he used.

At one point, he asked if I was comfortable with him using the pink hair and scalp mud for the massage part. I appreciated him asking, as sometimes therapists don’t, and if you’re trying to avoid having to wash your hair, it can be annoying if they plonk a load of mud on your head.

My hair needed to be washed so I let him plonk away.

The 80 minutes passed by really quickly and I definitely fell asleep for at least two minutes… I can safely say it was the best facial I’ve ever had.

Before beginning, Simon shone a kind of UV light on my face to highlight my problem areas. The orange dots showing up indicated dryness, he told me.

“So all those dots aren’t just freckles, then?” I asked.

Unfortunately not. I knew my skin was dry but I didn’t realise how dry.

Simon used a hydrating cleansing milk, an optimal skin procleanser and a lift and firm mask to try to tackle the problem.

My skin was definitely in better shape leaving the spa than it was going in. I took before and after selfies and noticed a big difference in my complexion also.

The ESPA face lift uses prebiotic and probiotic technology together with stimulating jade rollers, which left my skin feeling firm and lifted.

I didn’t look like a new person leaving the spa, but I was a lot more radiant and relaxed.

I’d give the treatment a 9/10, deducting one mark for the momentary Brexit stress.

The Natural Face Lift is available at Farnham Estate for €130. You can add an overnight stay at Farnham Estate with breakfast from €129 (farnhamestate.ie). Amy was a guest of the resort.

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