Have a whale of a time on Great Keppel Island ·

Have a whale of a time on Great Keppel Island

Featuring some of the best seats to witness the majestic Southern Great Barrier Reef, this island paradise is located just 15 kilometres from the coast of Yeppoon and easily accessible by ferry from the Keppel Bay Marina.

Smiling locals aside, every year between July and September, residents and visitors to GKI pay homage to marvellous passing ocean giants. Migrating from the cold Antarctic waters in the south to warmer climates in the north, the Humpback Whale commune’s eight kilometre per hour adventure fortunately steers right past our doorstep!

And they are hard to miss…

Humpbacks can grow approximately 15-18 metres long and can weigh a whopping 30-40 tonnes – that’s 11 elephants or 20 cars!

Humpback Whales are a favourite among whale watchers, as they are incredible acrobats. From breaching (jumping out of the water) to slapping the surface with their fins, tails or heads, these magnificent mammals will ensure unforgettable memories to add to your GKI getaway.

Stay right where the whales play! Spend the night at Great Keppel Island Hideaway or Holiday Village, just a short 40 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Sleep in cabins right on the shoreline and allow yourself to relax into island life.

Fishing, sailing, cruising or skippering your own boat, Great Keppel Island is a brilliant boating playground. With secluded anchorages, spectacular snorkelling and diving, pristine beaches and National Parks to explore, there are plenty of local operators who are ready to help you make the most of your island experience.

Maybe you need a little more adventure? GKI Watersports and Activities is located on beautiful Great Keppel Island operating from Great Keppel Island Hideaway.

Pop in and grab your snorkel sets, paddle boards, kayaks, catamarans, and more.

For a bigger slice of action you might like to strap on some water ski’s, try a tube ride, dabble in wake-boarding or knock out some kneeboarding behind the speedy ski boat.

And there is no better way to top off your incredible day by jumping on board a tranquil sunset cruise – life does not get any better than this!

With plenty to do and see, all ages will have a whale of a time on Great Keppel Island.

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