France now has a wine theme park and it’s the stuff of vino lovers’ dreams

France is already hailed as the home of good wine, so it's no surprise that it's a firm favourite with connoisseurs for a holiday.

After all, it's even got its own wine-themed marathon.

Now there's even more of a reason to head on a French adventure, as the country has just opened its first wine theme park!

Located in Bordeaux (where else?), La Cité du Vin is a huge themed park and museum where you can completely immerse yourself into the heritage of wine producing.

Yes, that includes heaps of different tastings, wine tours, exhibits and talks from local experts.

Oh, and of course there is a wine bar where you'll find over 50 different wines (in fact, it stocks more than 14,000 bottles from 80 wine producing countries).

Although you won't find any rollercoasters, there are simulated tours across Europe which delve into the industry's history, and they use some pretty cool effects so you really feel like you're there.

Another highlight includes The Belvedere, sitting atop of the tower at 35m high and offering pretty incredible 360 degree views of the landscape (and there are wine tastings up there too).

Or, for the more studious of visitors, a trip to the 'Wine Culture Library' is a must.

The park also hosts plenty of shows and events including cinema screenings, concerts and plenty more performances, while the landscapes gardens are a must for those who want to soak up the sunshine and explore the picturesque region.

There's also heaps of insider information on the best wine tours and wine cruises not to miss while you're in Bordeaux.

Tickets start from €20.00 (approximately £17.89) for the permanent exhibitions. You can find out more on the La Cité du Vin website.

The architecture of the building itself is pretty spectacular too, with the quirky-shaped tower making for quite the addition to the landscape.

The environment was kept in mind, with 70 per cent of La Cité du Vin’s energy needs covered by local and green energy sources.

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