Claiming victory over annoying travelers ·

Claiming victory over annoying travelers

Make holidays fun by bringing down annoying travelers

We get lots of agent feedback –   a request to change, a request for more information, a gentle FYI and then of course complaints. In amongst those complaints are the gems from the travelers who really, have no idea. The ones you pass on and then later say “actually, there wasn’t much you could have done about the weather”.

Three traveler types, three opportunities for fun whilst your flight is delayed or your bag en-route to another time zone.

The loud talker

Whilst using polite conversational tones with the person in front of them, they become gripped by a fear of being “unheard” when using a mobile phone. The call starts, the volume goes up, the self-worth inflates as they emphasise keywords like “million” and “billions” and “it’s not matching the narrative…”

Solution: sit opposite them and have your own equally loud and important call – Bonus – there doesn’t need to be anyone on the other end to match their narrative.

The Opportunistic DJ

It’s mostly overseas and may be more with the younger generation (kids today, I know right) but they are the person for whom loud music is essential, earphones optional. Sure, it’s probably a banging Hindi hit, but through those phone speakers it sounds like stones in a can rolling down a hill, all treble as they listen to 1/3 of their favorite song and skip to the next one.Rinse repeat

Solution: try singing along, badly, humming so that your teeth vibrate and saying things like “was that it?” or “am I hitting the notes?” Or “I feel like I’m getting it!”.

The Instructionalist

Me: “Hi, can I please have a Wi-Fi password?”

Them: “WiFi !”

Me: “Could I have another pillow please”

Them: “This pillow is too thin”

Me: “No thanks, I’m trying to maintain this girlish figure”

Them: “…..” wave of hand, and as staff walks away “these portions are too small!” Followed by complaints of how it is their fault the plan hasn’t taken off yet.

Solution: look them in the eye, look them up and down, look away. Wait for the fireworks.

Author’s note

I do love travel, after all, probably like you, I work in the industry. It’s a fascinating opportunity to people watch. But you have to keep your tongue firmly in your cheek when crossing your third time zone and the third nights in a row  of four hours sleep.

These little mental fantasies seldom happen, but they help



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