Biggest travel insurance claims revealed ·

Biggest travel insurance claims revealed

New data from online travel insurance provider InsureandGo has uncovered its top five claims for 2017, which range from a $223,000 bout of pneumonia in Italy to a $104,000 case of chest pains in Chile.

The claims highlight the importance of purchasing travel insurance regardless of the type of holiday and how medical emergencies can break the bank when holidaying without the right protection.

“Looking back at 2017, we saw a range of medical emergencies top our list of claims for what may be low cost incidents when in Australia. However, these can easily balloon while overseas when factoring in costs such as repatriation, medical expenses and flights for family members to accompany ill travellers,” said Raphael Bandeira, General Manager of InsureandGo Australia.

“When you have claims that are more than three times the deposit of an average house in Sydney, it’s no laughing matter. Despite the high value of these claims, it’s encouraging to see that these travellers were able to get the medical assistance they needed and weren’t liable for these costs,” he added.

Despite initially taking out travel insurance mainly for his wife, 71-year-old Western Australia based Jeffrey Yates was InsureandGo’s biggest claim, racking up a staggering $223,255 when he was treated for multiple illnesses including legionnaire’s disease, pneumonia and emphysema while celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in Italy.

“We had travelled over with friends to celebrate our anniversary but less than a week in I started experiencing problems and was admitted to hospital. The experience was quite scary and my wife and our two friends had to leave the cruise early to assist during my recovery,” said Mr Yates.

“Although thankfully the whole incident was covered by my policy and was organised seamlessly to ensure that I had the care I needed. Knowing that I have this care available to me if I’ve purchased travel insurance gives me the peace of mind I need to embark on my next adventure,” added Mr Yates.

InsureandGo considers all pre-existing medical conditions without the need to present a doctor’s certificate when purchasing a policy. Those with pre-existing medical conditions only need to complete a simple questionnaire online or over the phone. InsureandGo covers travellers up to 100 years old and offering unlimited overseas medical expenses across all policies.

InsureandGo is urging those travelling in 2018 to purchase travel insurance, highlighting the importance of travel insurance with its five biggest claims in 2017 from Australians who travelled overseas last year.

1. Multiple illnesses – $223,255

71-year-old Jeffrey Yates was treated for legionnaires, pneumonia and emphysema while travelling in Italy where he was found to have a number of medical issues. A family friends’ flights to Italy and accommodation were covered so that they could assist Yates’ wife during the six-week admission.

2. Spinal injury due to fall – $150,103

A 76-year-old man was admitted to hospital after slipping on steps while holidaying in China, resulting in a spinal injury. The man’s wife was flown from Holland to Hong Kong to assist in his five-week hospitalisation before he was repatriated back to Australia.

3. Multiple illnesses – $144,829

A 75-year-old man was admitted to hospital with multiple illnesses including acute cystitis, pyelonephritis, URTI, bronchitis, pneumonia, urinary incontinence and a UTI while holidaying in Indonesia, and suffered from further complications as part of his condition. This involved a two week visit to the hospital and repatriation back to Australia.

4. Stroke – $114,300

A 91-year-old suffered a stroke while travelling through the Philippines with his wife. After a two-week stint in hospital, he was repatriated back to Australia.

5. Chest Pains – $104,935

A 70-year-old man was admitted to hospital in Chile for chest pains which resulted in a two-day stint in hospital. The fees included the hospital visit and new flights.

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