Beautiful Greek island is offering families £450 a month to live there

Forget paying to go on a holiday on a Greek Island – one picturesque isle wants to pay you £450 a month instead!

However instead of a two-week holiday, the island of Antikythira is offering the money to anyone who moves there.

In fact, the local council is offering families €500 (approximately £450) a month to become residents of the picturesque destination.

The mayor of the island Andreas Charchalakis told Greek website that they are looking for new families to come and 'revive' the island.

Not surprising when you consider that it currently only has about 20 inhabitants.

Antikythira isn't a Greek island that has as much going on as other hotspots such as Rhodes or Santorini.

Located between Crete and mainland Greece, the island has just one main shop and there isn't a regular boat supply for more products.

In fact locals tend to eat mainly food grown on the island such as seasonal salads and vegetables (although you can of course make the boat trip to Crete or mainland Greece if you want to stock up on supplies).

Still, there are some pretty beautiful beaches, swim-friendly turquoise waters, a bird sanctuary and some archaeological sites.

It's basically the ideal spot for families who want to go off the grid.

If you're feeling tempted for a holiday rather than a move, you may need to fight for accommodation.

There is a handful of small hotels, whilst only one property is listed on Airbnb – Villa Kamarela where prices start from £53 per night.

However for those who want a bit more hustle and bustle on a holiday, there are plenty of alternative islands you can go exploring.

To give you a helping hand we've put together a guide to the best Greek Islands with top tips on what holiday types they're best suited to and where to find the deals if you do want to visit.

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