A Princess of the Hills and Other Royal Women ·

A Princess of the Hills and Other Royal Women

Nestled in the foothills of the mighty Himalayan mountains is the royal House of Nirwa. This feature is all about its Princess Ambika and other members of her extended family from the royal houses of Khajurgaon and Khandela.

The occasion for this gay abandon is Dusshera Festival, an annual event when the Nirwa Palace opens  its sprawling courtyards  and lush-green gardens for colourful folk dances and music and food. The royal family of Nirwa plays host to people from the villages and hamlets of the area famous for ancient temples of Goddesses and now increasingly its apple and pomegranate orchards. All those who come to greet the family – and many trudge through hilly terrain from far-off places are greeted warmly by Ambika, fed well and given a small gift in appreciation of making it to their doors.

Princess Ambika is dressed up in heirloom jewellery handed down to her through generations. A mountaineer, horse rider and expert at slow cooked food, she leads the prayers on Dusshera with a visit to the family deity and then to the cenotaphs of her ancestors to seek their blessings.

On an occasion such as Dussehra the Palace bustles with activity and much conviviality. During the last celebrations the Nirwa Palace hosted the ladies from the royal houses of Khajurgaon and Khandela, seen in the accompanying photo.

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The tradition continues.

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