Do Dubai the Right Way

Let’s face it: you aren’t traveling all the way to Dubai to have the same experience you could have anywhere else. Dubai is for the outrageous, over-the-top vacation that you simply can’t find elsewhere. Here’s how to do it.

When in Dubai, Zipline

See the craziest view ever by ziplining through the Dubai fountain via the Xline Dubai Marina. This is the world’s longest urban zipline (we wouldn’t expect anything less), and you can even choose to ride in tandem with a friend. The zipline is .62 miles, and you’ll be speeding through it at 50 miles per hour.

Stay at the Fanciest Hotel

You’ve probably heard about the extravagant hotels that can only be found in Dubai. They’re fancier than anything you could ever imagine. We checked out three while we were there and our absolute favorite was the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Financial Centre.

The location was incredible, just 5 minutes from the mall and less than 20 minutes from anywhere else we wanted to be in Dubai. They offer free Aston Martin driving experiences to guests, so you’ll truly feel like a rockstar, and the buffet breakfast was the best.breakfast.ever.

Swim With Sharks Inside the Mall

Yes, it’s true. Inside the Dubai Mall Aquarium, you’ll be able to dive with sharks. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t know how to swim? Not a certified diver? No worries. As long as you’re 10 and older, you’re good to go. You just need to take a short same-day course and complete a medical questionnaire. Once inside the shark tank, you’ll be on display, as you’re part of the aquarium.

When you’re done, wander through the mall. Even if you have all day, you won’t come close to checking out all the stores.

Grab a Dimple

It’s the ultimate souvenir and is a little known reason why many people travel to Dubai. At Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, a 20-minute procedure and a week’s recovery time will give you a dimple (or dimples) you never knew you always wanted. While technically a defect, this purposeful dimple is creased via implant surgery.

Play With Camels

Dubai loves its camels. Check out a camel race if you visit between October and April (the largest racetrack is the Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack). Since camels aren’t known for their speed, they use robot jockeys who ride alongside them, honking horns to convince the camels to keep up with the race.

Inspired? You can ride your own camel during a desert camel safari. They offer morning safaris and evening safaris, and we recommend the evening safari. In addition to riding the camel in the desert—which is surprisingly easy and similar to a slow horseback ride—you’ll also have a traditional dinner, watch a belly dancing show and get your hands painted with henna.

Get an Outrageous Spa Treatment

Our fave is the Placenta Diamond Facial, which is allegedly the go-to in Dubai for celebrities including Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. At the Biolite Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, they use placenta protein extra on your face (it’s not human placenta, but it’s bio-identical to the real stuff), and the active live components heal and rejuvenate your cells. Then, the diamond delivers the protein to your skin.

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