Disney does tours: Exploring Montana and Wyoming with the Mouse

“Hey look! It’s Disney,” exclaimed a little girl as my family and I made our way along the Fountain Pot Trail in Yellowstone National Park. We were part of an Adventures by Disney tour group, and the girl was referring to the distinctive logo imprinted on the sign that one of our guides was carrying.

Rather than offering fanciful lands and attractions at theme parks that are based on real places, Adventures by Disney takes guests to actual places across the globe. Why, you might wonder, would Disney have branched off into the guided group tour business? The reaction of the little girl speaks volumes.

The Disney brand is widely recognized and the company’s knack for storytelling makes it ideally suited to bring real-world adventures to life. And the special connection it has with children allows it to carve a niche in the underserved family tours market.

After spending a week exploring Yellowstone and the Big Sky area of Montana with the Mouse, it’s clear that Disney can deliver eTicket adventures without storybook castles, costumed characters or animatronic pirates.

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