Cozumel Investing Heavily in Cleaning Up Image, Improving Infrastructure

Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin said the local government will invest more than 64 million pesos to clean up the image and infrastructure of Cozumel.

According to the Riviera Maya News, Joaquin said he is pushing for changes that not only make the popular Mexican destination more enticing to travelers but also helps the residents who live in Cozumel on a permanent basis.

Part of Joaquin’s proposed plan includes working to eliminate crime in the area in order to make public spaces more appealing to visitors, including the rehabilitation of La Selva park and making them properties more accessible for the disabled.

“Before they only thought about tourists, but with this work that will improve the city, things change for those of us who live here,” long-time Cozumel resident Jose Luis Cabanas Navarrete told the Riviera Maya News. “We will have better streets and services with better mobility and the economy is boosted.”

Joaquin is also working on a rehabilitation program of 54 parks in Cozumel with an investment of more than 14 million pesos and the prolongation of Avenida 65 Sur with an investment of over 37 million pesos.

Some of the other changes on a local level include the resurfacing of 13th street in San Miguel, creating classrooms for students with disabilities and providing health services for over 200 students.

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