William the Bear has made a new friend ·

William the Bear has made a new friend and she is out of this world

The Ruby Collection are proud to introduce Ruby Rocket, a confident and curious space explorer, who like them, is anything but ordinary.

Having grown up on Planet Earth, Ruby Rocket was curious to discover other planets that existed beyond ours and now spends her time travelling all over the galaxy.

When she’s not busy fighting space crimes with her superpower abilities that lie in the gem on her chest, she comes back to visit her favourite place on Earth – The Ruby Collection.

“Like The Ruby Collection, Ruby isn’t afraid to stand out and be different,” said The Ruby Collection CEO, David Brook.

“She is always exploring new opportunities, never backs down from a challenge and always trys to reach for the stars.”

After every visit, Ruby tells her intergalactic friends about all the adventures she has at The Ruby Collection, including meeting her best friend – William the Bear.

Ruby uses the power of her ruby gem to communicate with William when she returns to space, so she can tell him all the new things she has invented.

All about girl power and being self-sufficient, Ruby is the female action hero that both girls and boys can admire.

Ruby Rocket will be joining her best friend William the Bear in live character shows where guests can meet both Ruby and William, give them a cuddle and snap a selfie, as they hear all about Ruby’s space adventures. And don’t worry, with her bright turquoise hair she’s not hard to spot.

Guests can also join the pair for breakfast at Ruby special events and eat breakfast waffles, Ruby Rocket’s favourite food.

The Ruby Collection are creating Ruby Rocket toys to be added to The Ruby Apartments gift shop in the distant future.

With these two special staff members along with our team of Ambassadors dedicated to delivering unprecedented customer service, we’re sure your stay with us will be out of this world.

For more information, please visit www.therubyapartments.com.au

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