Traveller Made Show Big Success in Marbella, Spain ·

Traveller Made Show Big Success in Marbella, Spain

The Essence of Luxury Travel Show held annually by Traveller Made was another huge success this year. Marbella, Spain on the Costa del Sol did a great job as the host destination. In 6 short years since its creation, Traveller Made has clearly made its mark as the trusted network for the ultra-luxury travel market.

Quentin Desormont, strategist, marketing guru, brand maker and the founder of Traveller Made is the visionary behind this remarkable network. This platform for luxury travel represents the best of the best in the world of luxury travel. From relaxation and wellness to explorers and everything in between, the luxury travel market focuses on experiences and creating memories for the most discriminating of clients.

The Essence of Luxury Travel Show aggregates 390 member agencies from 65 countries. This includes 885 hotels, lodges, camps, transportation partners, which together aggregate 2.6 billion euros in sales. Also in attendance were 140 DMC partners. This year’s show had 130 more participants than last year, as just one sign of the organization’s rapid growth. The Traveller Made staff has grown to 30 dynamic individuals based in Paris, London, Lausanne and New York.

Three big focus areas in the conversation at this year’s Traveller Made platform, included:

1. How the luxury travel market can maximize profits to reflect the value they deliver;

2. Recruiting smart talent; and

3. Keeping up with technology.

Partnerships with Education

With a continuous focus on creative means to grow the network, one major announcement at this year’s show was a partnership between Traveller Made and some carefully selected schools that specialize in hospitality. This partnership will help achieve the goal of helping the travel industry to recruit the best talent in hospitality. Partners include educational institutions in France, Madrid, Lausanne, and Florida.

Traveller Made Show Big Success in Marbella, Spain

Partnerships with LuxeTV

Another important partnership this year was announced between Traveller Made and LuxeTV. LuxeTV is a television channel based in Europe, with a focus on luxury brands ranging from jewelry, fine arts and travel, amongst other areas. As a partner of Traveller Made, LuxeTV will offer Traveller Made members the opportunity to produce television content that shows off the best features of their brand.

Galleria Canelejas to Change Luxury Shopping in Madrid

A magnificent upscale shopping gallery in Madrid is set to open in 2019 which promises to change the shopping landscape of that city. Galleria Canelejas will focus on the ultra-luxury market. With a focus on gastronomy that will include several top world renowned chefs, Michelin rated restaurants, fine jewelry shops, beauty, and haute couture fashion from the most luxurious power houses in fashion. With 4000 square meters of expertly designed space,

Galleria Canelejas promises to be a destination for luxury shopping that will change the landscape of Madrid.

Next year’s Essence of Luxury Travel Show will be held March 23-27 in glorious Marbella, Spain. Contact Traveller Made directly for information @

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