Hôtel Splendide Royal Paris: Home Deluxe ·

Hôtel Splendide Royal Paris: Home Deluxe

Located on rue du Cirque virtually around the corner from the presidential palace and just steps from the fashion boutiques of rue St-Honoré, Hôtel Splendide Royal Paris is a jewel of a hotel known only to the most sophisticated of travellers.  With just 12 suites, Splendide Royal is one of the most exclusive hotels in the city.  Dispensing with haughty formality, the hotel’s outstanding staff create a perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness that put guests at ease immediately upon entering what becomes their Parisian home away from home.

Hotel Splendide Royal bedroom and dressing room

The suites, two per floor over six levels, are indeed like private homes.  Hotels in Paris are notorious for their small rooms, but Splendide Royal‘s guests have no worries about confined spaces.  In a Splendide Royal suite, a meticulously appointed living room (complete with hidden kitchenette) leads to an equally beautiful bedroom, off which is found a large dressing room and even larger bathroom.  All the rooms are, of course, decorated in flawless good taste devoid of ostentation.  French doors opening onto balconies in both the living room and bedroom add to the feeling of space while at the same time contributing to an intimate and private atmosphere.

Hotel Splendide Royal Tosca restaurant interior

Privacy is of paramount importance at Hôtel Splendide Royal.  Friends and families wanting more than one room can privatise a floor simply by reserving both suites on any given floor.  The extraordinarily attentive master of the house, Benoit Saudemont, can arrange services both in and out of the hotel in the event it is preferred to do some shopping with a private viewing in the suite rather than go out to the boutiques.

One place guests should leave their suites to visit is the hotel’s excellent Ristorante Tosca.  Given that Hôtel Splendide Royal is part of the Italian-owned Roberto Naldi Collection, it comes as no surprise that Tosca is an Italian restaurant, widely regarded as the best in Paris.  Again, the staff stand out in their attentive service and good humour, making the dining experience that much more enjoyable.

In a city endowed with numerous options for deluxe accommodation, Hôtel Splendide Royal, a small property big on luxury, provides a delightful alternative to the larger five-star hotels in the French capital.

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