Costsaver introduces new trips & experiences for 2020 ·

Costsaver introduces new trips & experiences for 2020

After the overwhelming success of the brand’s initial launch into Asia in 2019, the innovative and growing brand Costsaver has today launched their 2020 Asia trips for a second year. Alongside the suite of successful 2019 itineraries, the brand is expanding to include two new exotic destinations, as well as the official unveiling of their new ultra-flexible Mini Breaks and four new tours expanding the total brand offering to 10 trips across 8 countries.

Building on Costsaver’s commitment to delivering value tours without compromise, the 2020 series includes all the quality essentials that are the bedrock of the brand with even more optional experiences to allow guests to tailor their dream holiday. “We were overwhelmed by the positive response to our launch into Asia,” said Janice Farnum, Director of Product for Asia. “Guests are loving the Costsaver way to travel that gives them everything they need for a great holiday and the tools to tailor it to perfection. It’s a refreshing way to explore Asia, and we’re so excited to introduce our new tours showcasing even more of this stunning continent,” she said.

After such an enthusiastic response to its Vietnam and Cambodia Adventure trip, new for 2020 is the addition of a 22-day Essence of South East Asia itinerary exploring Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The trip includes hand selected 3 and 4-star hotels, transportation on our comfortable air-conditioned coaches, internal flights, and visits to some of the most iconic sights in each destination, such as a cruise through Halong Bay, an unforgettable trip to Angkor Wat and an eye-opening journey to Thailand’s Golden Triangle. And, to allow guests the full flexibility to personalise their holiday, carefully curated optional experiences are available throughout the trip in addition to plenty of free time to explore the destinations their own way with the help of their Travel Director’s expertise.

2020 also sees Costsaver guests exploring further south on the Asian Continent into Malaysia & Singapore. The new Thai and Malaysian Odyssey is the first Costsaver trip to Malaysia and includes for the first time a number of destinations in the Southern region of Thailand, such as the popular tropical hub of Krabi and an oceanside stay in the secluded beach town of Bang Saphan Noi. And in response to the popularity of their 2019 4-day Hong Kong Highlights trip, the brand has introduced a new category, Mini Breaks, which includes an exciting new destination as part of its Amazing Singapore tour. This 4-day micro trip is the perfect embodiment of the new Mini Breaks travel style which lets guests explore a single destination as a short standalone holiday or as an add-on to another itinerary.

Costsaver has revised their China itinerary for 2020 to include a 3-night cruise down the Yangtze River, seeing memorable sites like The Goddess Stream of the Three Gorges, the monasteries and shrines of the 2000-year-old Ghost City and the other spectacular sites along this iconic riverway.

The success of the 2019 season has shown the brand that travellers are craving a unique travel style such as Costsaver, providing the ease and comfort of a guided holiday with the freedom and flexibility of individual travel at a great value price point, just like their tagline ‘value tours without compromise’ suggests. Optional experiences offer something for every type of traveller, whether it’s a food tour in Vietnam, a cultural exchange with a hill tribe in Thailand or Kung Fu show in China, giving guests the freedom to tailor their holiday, their way.


As part of The Travel Corporation, Costsaver is built on an unwavering commitment to service and backed by the destination expertise of industry leaders like Luxury Gold, Uniworld and Red Carnation to offer guests unparalleled holiday experiences at an unbeatable value. Costsaver’s innovative “Essentials by Us, Tailored by You” travel style allows guests to tailor their holiday, by providing quality inclusions such as 3 and 4-star hotels, transport, must-see sights and expert travel directors, then allowing guests to from a selection of carefully curated optional experiences or enjoy time exploring on their own.   Value tours, without compromise.

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