Cancun's Cenotes To Be Revitalized

Travelers to Cancun will be happy to hear about a new project that will revitalize more than 100 public cenotes around the popular vacation spot.

Cenotes are natural pits full of groundwater. They’ve become popular swimming holes and scuba diving and snorkeling spots in Cancun.

The revitalization project will begin this week and focus on 105 urban cenotes in and around Cancun. The project is estimated to take about a year to complete.

The cenotes have not been kept up by the city and have unfortunately become dumping grounds. It’s the city’s plan to turn the cenotes into neighborhood attractions complete with green spaces making them a great destination for locals and tourists alike.

The Directorates of Ecology and Public Service will lead the revitalization project of the cenotes

José Luis Castro Garibay, director of Municipal Public Services told Riviera Maya News: “The first thing that we will attend to will be the cleaning of the areas where these cenotes are located, which is the immediate work of city council. The rehabilitation will be for the population’s enjoyment but will take about a year because things still need planning.”

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