Best Vacation Spots for Entertainment and Relaxation

Sovereign has created an interactive tool that rates vacation destinations based on their ability to offer entertainment and relaxation options to travelers.

Sardinia, Italy, came in at first place for its 376 white sand beaches, 267 nightlife options and 150 shopping locations. It is followed by the Dominical Republic which has 100 shopping locations and 121 nature areas and parks, offering more to travelers than just a typical beach destination.

In third place is Crete, Greece, which has a warm climate perfect for sunbathing and great spots for eating, like local food in tavernas. With180 nightlife hotspots, Crete offers travelers a lively atmosphere in the evening.

Majorca, Spain, is number four on Sovereign’s list and while it’s beaches are great for relaxation, it’s enormous nightlife options, which outnumbered the top five destinations on this list, will keep travelers plenty entertained.

In fifth place is Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With the world’s tallest building, 244 shopping locations, extravagant beach clubs and nightlife options and entertainment like aquariums and ski slopes, Dubai is an all-around vacation destination.

Dubai is followed by Algarve, Portugal, Gran Canaria, Spain, Sri Lanka, Cancun, Mexico, and Rome, Italy.

Helen Adamson, Sovereign Brand & Commercial Director, said, “It can sometimes be difficult to agree on the perfect holiday destination when you’re not travellng alone. Everyone has their own preferences, which is why it’s helpful to be pointed towards the top destinations that really do offer something for everyone.”

“After all, a holiday should be the most enjoyable and well-deserved experience for each holidaymaker, from start to finish.”

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