WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo opens new bin chicken exhibit ·

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo opens new bin chicken exhibit

In response to consumer demand, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour is excited to announce the launch of its latest exhibit – the Bin Chicken display!

Emma Malik, Senior Bin Chicken Keeper said the decision to open the new display was a direct response to demand from guests, “We’re regularly asked by our international guests why we don’t have their favourite Australian animal, the majestic Bin Chicken here in the zoo for everyone to admire.

“Also known as the Australian White Ibis, we’ve been building a state of the art exhibit that will comfortably home five magnificent Bin Chickens. These include Wynston, Timothy and three females – with the aim to run a unique Bin Chicken breeding program. We’re absolutely delighted that the stars have aligned and we’ve able to meet the planned launch date of 1st April,” added Ms Malik.

The preferred diet of an Australian Bin Chicken includes both terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates and human scraps. The most favoured foods are crayfish and mussels, which the bird obtains by digging with its long bill.

Famous for their native Australian animals, the Bin Chickens will be in great company amongst koalas, kangaroos, Davey the quokka, Rocky the saltwater crocodile and Tasmanian Devils at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. The exhibit open from 1st April and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Visit: https://www.wildlifesydney.com.au/ to purchase tickets.


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