TripAdvisor makes commitment to traveller safety ·

TripAdvisor makes commitment to traveller safety

For nearly two decades, TripAdvisor’s reviews have helped people decide where to go, what to do, and where to stay while traveling. Starting today, travellers worldwide can use the following two new features on the TripAdvisor platform to help them find reviews that contain reports of safety-related incidents:

A traveller safety review filter: The safety filter allows travellers to more easily surface the following reviews in the 28 languages that TripAdvisor makes available:

* Reviews that were posted in the past year concerning sexual assaults and sexual misconduct by employees of a business, with reviews about other safety categories added on a rolling basis

* All new reviews that concern safety issues, including sexual assault, death, drugging, sex trafficking, armed robbery, and physical assault

A notice on all reviews with safety content: A notice now appears at the top of each review that contains safety information to make it easier for travellers to distinguish these from other reviews.

Additional details on the work TripAdvisor is doing to empower its global community with safety information are included in the following message from Lindsay Nelson, TripAdvisor’s President of Core Experience, here:

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