Travel to breathtakingly beautiful Iceland with Contiki ·

Travel to breathtakingly beautiful Iceland with Contiki

It’s your chance to explore this spectacular, bucket list destination!

Iceland is the country of the moment, the travel destination on everyone’s lips but what makes it just so special? This outdoor playground is a winter trip like no other and well worth giving up sunbaking and thongs for breathtaking, out-of-this-world beauty! You simply can’t beat the majestic landscapes and unique culture (traditional Hrutspungar or ram’s testicles, we’re looking at you). It’s a truly unique place in the world.

Iceland is filled with experiences that will leave you at a loss for words, it’s impossible to choose just one standout to see. From thundering icy falls, gigantic glaciers and geothermal geysers, Iceland literally looks like another planet. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights it will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.

One glance at the famous Blue Lagoon and your clients will be sold. They can truly relax in the welcomingly warm waters, coloured the most perfect azure blue. The photo opportunities are endless, not to mention the skin and beauty benefits that these magical hot springs give. Looking for some beach time? Channel your inner model on the black sand beaches, maybe skip the dip though, icebergs regularly wash up on shore.

Definitely go chasing waterfalls in Iceland, with mesmerising, cloud like waterfalls cascading over the black rocky landscape. The formations are mind-blowing, particularly in the Golden Circle home to Dettifoss, Europe’s more powerful waterfall. If you need a break from the turquoise ravines and intriguing natural landmarks check out the cute pony-sized horses and their teal blue eyes. They’re adorable and even ridden by the locals, we don’t suggest you give it a go though, they can pick up quite the pace.

Icelandic fare can be a little left of centre with Hákarl (rotten shark) or puffin on the menu but there’s one delicious item that they do very well, hot dogs! They’re everywhere in Iceland and are a great way to warm up.

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