Tokyo crowned the top trending international location ·

Tokyo crowned the top trending international location

As we welcome the blue skies and warm summer nights, the celebratory invitations continue piling up as wedding season kicks off for another year.

To celebrate Aussies combining their wanderlust with their love for one another, the world’s leading travel search engine, has revealed the most sought-after places to walk down the aisle and experience a romantic honeymoon.

Always popular amongst the Aussies, tropical location Bali takes the top spot with +80% year-on-year surge in search volume as the international destination that Aussies are flocking to most during honeymoon season, followed by Tokyo (+169% year-on-year), New Delhi (+97% year-on-year), London (+92% year-on-year) and Los Angeles (+18% year-on-year). Kathmandu, despite being well off the beaten track, has made a surprise appearance at sixth place with a +348% year-on-year search volume increase.

This year, Tokyo (+169% year-on-year) has been crowned the top trending international destination. Could we be seeing an influx of Aussie honeymoons in Japan? From KAYAK’s data, it is evident that Asian cities trending strongly with Bangkok, Phuket, New Delhi, Manila, Bali, Singapore and Seoul all seeing year-on-year search volume increases of over 60%.

For domestic destinations, Melbourne weather may be notoriously gloomy in the winter but Aussies know how to appreciate a beautiful city in the warmer months. It has come out as the top domestic destination followed by Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

In terms of trending domestic destinations for an Aussie wedding celebration, the Sunshine Coast ranks first with a year-on-year increase of +118% in user searches. Other trending domestic destinations include Darwin (+103% year-on-year), Perth (+101% year-on-year), Gold Coast (+94% year-on-year) and Canberra (+93% year-on-year).


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