The Ultimate Road Trip Revealed ·

The Ultimate Road Trip Revealed

The perfect road trip involves three people, covers 190 miles and is accompanied by rock music, according to new research by British Airways.

To celebrate the airline’s new route to the South African coastal city of Durban; the gateway to national parks, African plains and safaris, travellers were also asked to name the celebrity they would most like to see in the passenger seat, with James Corden topping the poll (11 per cent), followed by Tom Hanks (9 per cent) and Stephen Fry (9 per cent).

To be considered a road trip, the journey needs to be at least 190 miles long and last three hours and 42 minutes and the ideal drive should take place in a VW camper van (16 per cent), Range Rover (14 per cent) or Ford Mustang (8 per cent).

There needs to be at least one toilet stop every 100 miles, good weather and a reliable sat nav, yet one in three Brits (33 per cent) said getting lost is the fun part of a road trip. The study also found that the music played on a road trip is more important than the destination, but your road trip companions topped the list as the most important factor with 62 per cent, closely followed by the scenery outside (60 per cent).

More than half (57 per cent) of Brits like the idea of a ‘fly drive’ holiday and 35 per cent would happily drive in a foreign country, even if they hadn’t before. However, almost half (48 per cent) worry they won’t be able to get used to driving on the other side of the road and 39 per cent worry they won’t be able to read or understand the road signs. Travellers can test their foreign driving skills here.

Award-winning travel influencers Andrew Sim and Emily Gough created Along Dusty Roads in 2014 and since then have ‘road tripped’ in every corner of the globe. Read their top tips here.

Andrew and Emily said: “We’ve gone on road trips in many countries and it’s easy to get caught out if you aren’t prepared. The car and location is something everyone thinks about, but the smaller things, such as the music or the people you are with can really make or break it. Don’t worry if you do end up lost – not only will you see parts of the country you may not have been planning to, but you’ll have a great story to tell for years to come. After all, every road trip needs a dash of spontaneity.”

For those wanting to hit the road, Durban is perfectly positioned for fly-drive holidays with flight and car hire holidays starting from £499 per person.

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