The time is right for experiential travel ·

The time is right for experiential travel

Lisa Pagotto from Crooked Compass was guest speaker at Skål International Sydney’s monthly networking session, held at the Grace Hotel in Sydney last week. With a wealth of industry experience behind her, from junior domestic consultant to tour leader, sales manager, product manager, strategic developer, and even pitching for investors on Australia’s Shark Tank, Pagotto has the experience and tenacity to head this dynamic brand.

Pagotto’s advice to those starting a business in the industry was to look at all the small achievements along the way. She said it’s so important to look back. There are days where it may look like your not getting anywhere, when you really are. “Stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes”, she advised “all those small achievements are quite significant”.

“Timing was everything with Crooked Compass”, said Pagotto, “there’s been a swing to experiential travel, and Crooked Compass is now a brand that consultants refer to when clients want to do something different.”

“And build a brand that is robust, we got that right”, said Pagotto, “perception was everything at the beginning, but then we delivered on what they were expecting.”

Walter Nand, President of Skål International Sydney thanked Pagotto on behalf of members and guests.

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