Ted Travels: Welcome to Buenos Aires ·

Ted Travels: Welcome to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one extraordinary city with lots of culture and amusement. Your clients have an extra day? Suggest the following attractions to see and explore the city.

On the Eastern side of Plaza de Mayo stands the Casa Rosada, its very likely they will recognise it right away. The building houses the president´s offices and its famous for its balcony where Eva Peron delivered her famous speech. At Casa Rosada clients can have a guided tour, just make sure to book it in advanced.

Your clients are big on coffee? From Casa Rosada it´s a short walk to Café Tortoni, an 1859 established café where the great tango dancer Carlos Gardel used to hang out. Keep in mind that it will be busy but it’s worth the stop to enjoy the coffee with a croissant while admiring this historical building with Tiffany glass ceilings. If coffee is not a must, then from Casa Rosa towards the opposite side Avenida Defensa starts and on Sunday it turns into a great flea market all the way to San Telmo Plaza.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires is among the best in the world, it hosts some of the best Latin American artists, but clients will find pieces of van Gogh, Degas, Picasso and even Monet. The museum is free, but it might take them some time to explore. After the Museum, your clients can explore more of what Recoleta has to offer, like its cemetery.

Recoleta Cemetery is no ordinary cemetery. Here rest some of the famous and powerful Argentineans, so prepare your clients for impressive mausoleums beautifully packed in this area. After wandering around in the massive cemetery and even checking out Evita´s tomb, clients can visit the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar just next door.

When in Argentina, drink some Malbec with probably the best steaks in the world. “Asados” are a huge part of Argentinean culture, and they involve gathering around the barbecues and indulging in the high-quality meats with their local red wine.

Another must in Argentina is the Tango, at least to be a witness of such a beautiful dance. We can book your clients into a class or to a dinner-and-tango show or we can take them to the local Milongas, local dance halls where the inhabitants of Buenos Aires go to Tango. There are many other places where they can see people doing the real thing on some of the bars and clubs around San Telmo. Whatever they prefer, talk to one of our experts and we can tailor an itinerary perfectly suited to your client’s interests.

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