Take a Greek escape with roomsXML ·

Take a Greek escape with roomsXML

With an ancient culture having possibly the most influence of all, on language, philosophy, politics, the Olympic Games,  and the arts, Greece is known to everyone. From Athens to Santorini and on to Mykonos; Greece has something for everyone.

The golden age of Greece occurred during the period between 1200 BC and 800 BC cultivating architectural, artistic, literary, and democratic principles. During the Hellenistic and Roman era’s, the power centre of Greece shifted to the north. The Christians came during the 1st century AD, with the religion spreading like wildfire, when Constantine The Great legalised Christianity and in fact declared it the state religion.

Through Greece’s turbulent past, its people have adapted, and are now known for their relaxed and approachable temperaments.

Not just for ancient monuments; 24.8 millions of tourists each year visit the country for both its culture and its  islands for their Idyllic beaches and top resorts.

Blessed with sunny Mediterranean weather, Greece is the perfect location for a holiday that satisfies both the mind and the body. The best time to visit is usually April through to October; with most of the tourism comes from other parts of Europe.

Its hard to find anyone who has been disappointed by a trip to Greece; take that as recommendation to book a trip now, or to encourage your clients to take the trip for you.

Santorini: Visions of whitewashed buildings, blue domes and crystal water come to mind when we think of Santorini Island; a popular destination worldwide. With multiple regions such as Fira, Pyrgos, and Karterados on offer don’t miss the spectacular cliff top hotels and houses.

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Athens: The hill of Acropolis is one of the most recognised and spectacular images on the planet. The Parthenon cannot be missed. Top nightlife and restaurants abound. Enough history and archaeol

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