Sydney Airport celebrates best and brightest ·

Sydney Airport celebrates best and brightest

Sydney Airport has continued its strong partnership with the Sydney Festival, an international event that highlights the city’s arts and cultural scene on the global stage.

Innovative ideas, cutting-edge art and epic art installations will be on display across more than 50 venues during the month-long event, which attracts big-name international artists as well as local talent.

Tourists and locals alike will also enjoy modern Indigenous art, virtual reality experiences and theatre hits.

Sydney Airport Managing Director and CEO Kerrie Mather said Sydney Festival was an iconic calendar event that served as a major drawcard for international and domestic visitors.

“We are proud to continue supporting this fantastic event,” Ms Mather said.

“It’s a wonderful celebration of Sydney’s passion for the arts that attracts visitors from across the globe. With more than 130 events and a huge variety of attractions, attendees are sure to walk away feeling both inspired and excited to further explore our city.

“We are thrilled to once again partner with Sydney Festival and help bring together a diverse audience to enjoy the best of what our cultural community has to offer.

“Sydney Airport has a strong community investment program, part of which supports the arts in NSW.”

Festival-goers will also be wowed by the Australian premiere of Jurassic Plastic, an installation by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji that is exclusive to the event. Sydney Airport is a performance partner of Jurassic Plastic.

Fuji has collected discarded toys and used them to construct a giant, 60kg ‘Toysaurus’ made from more than 400 individual pieces.

In total, about 100,000 toys were used as part of his mesmerising installation.

Sydney Festival Director Wesley Enoch said the annual event contributed to the state’s “vibrancy”.

“Like Sydney Airport, you cannot imagine Sydney without Sydney Festival,” Mr Enoch said.

“Our two organisations are indispensable to the vibrancy of the city and the state, and we both look out to the world for our inspiration.

“Sydney Festival is proud to be celebrating the seven-year partnership with Sydney Airport. We are the windows to the world.”

For information about the festival, which runs from 6-28 January, please visit

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