STUBA's Asian specials will delight all travellers ·

STUBA’s Asian specials will delight all travellers

With hundreds of destinations vying for client dollars, it takes some special hotels to stand out from the pack.

Stuba has renegotiated hundreds of contracts for Asian cities. With so many festivals and special events in Asia, lets take a look at some of the best, unusual, or special things to do in the following cities:

Bangkok – April 2019:

– Thai Heritage Conservation Day. Created in 1985 to celebrate the Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, all historical sites and museums usually have free admission.

– Songkran (Thai New Year). In Mid April, the Thai people celebrate their own New Year, Songkran. Its a time for catching up with Family, but also a time of massive street water fights, so either join in, or make sure you have a poncho to protect your camera or baggage !

Hong Kong – April 2019

– Bruce Lee: Kung Foo, Art, Life. Curated from the Bruce Lee Foundation in the USA, this exhibition looks at the phenomenon of Bruce Lee as well as his martial arts and film background. Over 600 invaluable items are on display.

– Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival. Make magical memories with a spectacular display of light, music, and entertainment, over various locations. Includes art exhibitions and much more.

 Tokyo – April 2019

– Gotenyama Cherry Blossom Festival. With over 70 varieties of Cherry trees in the area which includes parks all under the banner of the Gotenyama Trust City. Just spectacular. If you’re not keen on this one, there are many many other Cherry Blossom festivals happening, including the Illuminated Weeping Cherry Tree in the Fuedal Lords Garden.

– Okunitama Jimja Shrine (Darkness Festival). One of the oldest shrines in Tokyo located in Fuchu City where the Zelkova Trees are designated National Treasures. The Shrines annual festival is called the Kurayami (Darkness Festival). Plant lovers will love the fair where plants and stalls are exhibited.

Singapore – April 2019

– World Gourmet Summit. A celebration of fine cuisine, excellent wine, and unique dining experiences.Some of the top places to head are Bacchanalia Singapore, Hua Ting Restaurant, Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare, Majestic Restaurant and Tippling Club. If you are a foodie and aim to be in Singapore in April, this festival will blow your mind. More Michellin stars than you can poke a stick at.  Matched wines are a must, with special varieties from Bordeaux, Tuscany to start.

– Minimalism: Light. Space. Object. New to south east Asia, is it first exhibition of Minimalism held at the National Gallery Singapore, and Artscience Museum. The exhibition includes work that guides us down the path of the connection between minimalism and Asian art, and spiritualism.

Whatever the reason for your clients travel,  book with Stuba. The best rates, and superb 24/7 support.




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