Singapore Swingers Club ·

Funny things can happen in a “nostalgia” bar in Singapore..


We brought together the brightest technical brains from a number of countries to hack out our future software development directions  midway in Singapore. Productive but hard work. On the second last night,  I found myself just after 9 PM dinner exhausted, overstimulated, with a two-for-one drinks voucher in the hotel bar.

Why not.

I was under-dressed; casual slacks, Birkenstocks, designer T-shirt. The bar staff looked at me strangely, but not as strangely as I looked when they explained Chivas Regal was their top shelf scotch at 2 for 1.    I took my drink and started wandering into a dark corner …..

“No sir, you can’t sit there, that is for…” I couldn’t understand all the words but the message was clearly “drinks will be consumed at the bar.”


I swiveled the chair around, lent on the back rest and took in my surroundings.It was composed of very well-dressed crowd of mostly female , mostly attractive singles.  One particularly fit looking lady strolled past , slowed, looked pointedly at my naked wedding ring finger (I’d been to the gymnasium, the wedding ring was in my room safe) and made an uncomfortable degree of eye contact. I gulped.

She looked me up and down at what I was wearing, gave me an odd look, and wandered off.

The music changed from 80s to fairly tragic country and western and whaam, half a dozen couples hit the dance floor. It’s definitely, single, wealthy, attractive Singaporean women night at the bar. They are again eyeballing me with a mixture of interest and confusion. The music went ballroom and things got very interesting, the dance floor PACKED. The women now have a selection of young, very fit men dancing with them and are definitely competing for attention, showing off, acting out and really turning up the heat on the dance floor.

There was grinding. Its getting hot in here…

I borrowed the bar phone and rang one of my programmers with a message of “You need to get down here. I will buy you a gin and tonic. You will hate me if you don’t come. ….”. Before she got there, the guys,  fit and graceful thirty somethings, are paying me a LOT MORE attention than the women they are dancing with. Not just mentally-undressing-me  attention, but “something out of place” attention.  Surely being an anglo wasn’t it. Locals only night?

My programmer arrives ,  a former competitive dancer and sees my “Wednesday Singapore Swingers Club” exactly for what it is; ballroom dancing night.

My mum, single and in her early 60s, used to do a lot of ballroom dancing. She and friends regularly laughed with the mostly gay male teachers.  The extremely good-looking and graceful guys were the teachers and paid partners for the evening. As I looked closer, it was clear these ladies were at least in their 50s. In some cases, moving between the dancers who at times couldn’t dance for much more than a couple of songs at a time.  The younger bucks had a touch more stamina it seemed. After all, they were working.

But the final shock was still to come. As one of the ladies left the floor and handed over her partner to a friend, my programmer lent over to tell her how wonderfully she moved .

“Not bad for 72 am I?”




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