Silks Club Kaohsiung introduces luxe life package ·

Silks Club Kaohsiung introduces luxe life package

Passion for Speed. Zest for Life.

Experience a taste of the luxury lifestyle this summer at Silks Club, an award-winning design hotel in the heart of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The new Passion for Speed. Zest for Life. package for two-nights, provides the opportunity for up to twelve guests to stay at the luxurious Silks Club Kaohsiung and experience the ultimate opulence with friends and family.

The Passion for Speed. Zest for Life. package allows guests to feel the speed and exhilaration of being driven in a supercar of choice on a test drive at Penbay International Circuit. From supercars to superyachts, the package also includes a private boat trip on a Horizon AC80 catamaran superyacht, allowing guests to relax in the splendour of the boat and capture the best view of the beautiful sunset over the harbour in Kaohsiung.

The package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests, served at the hotel’s gastronomic Michelin-starred “Ukai-Tei Kaohsiung” teppanyaki and grill, the first overseas branch of the world-famous UKAI restaurant group.

Guests will be treated during the stay with an exquisite sake experience from premium brewery Dassai, including the renowned Dassai Beyond, served with fresh oysters and light refreshments.

The Passion for Speed. Zest for Life. package starts from NT$1,288,888 / HKD 334,150 / SGD 58,058 for twelve people including:

  • Two night’s Premium King/Twin accommodation for up to twelve guests
  • Supercar pick-up service between the hotel and Penbazy International Circuit
  • Penbay supercar and racing car passenger test drive, including hot lap and drifting.
  • Argo Yacht Club offers an AC80 2.5 hr tour, with pick up service between the hotel and marina.
  • A premium Dassai treat, including Dassai Beyond, oysters and light refreshments
  • Set meals at the 3rd floor UKAI Grill
  • Luxury bar in Executive Suites with personal bartender service
  • A private art tour of the hotel
  • Local Kaohsiung snacks delivered direct to your room

Silks Club Kaohsiung is based on the concept of paradise on earth, creating a private and luxurious experience for guests. Located in Asia’s New Bay area, in the center of the city’s cultural and entertainment venues the hotel is 10 minutes away from Kaohsiung International Airport.

For further information on the Passion for Speed. Zest for Life. package and reservations, please visit

About Silks Club

Silks Club is the first international five- star hotel under Yui-Mom Group, the famous building contractor in Kaohsiung. The hotel is located in the hub of art and culture in Asia’s New Bay area in Kaohsiung. In conjunction with the world-class brands UKAI and Dassai, Silks Club also invited the renowned German designing team ART+COM to create the world – exclusive 4D kinetic installation “Dancing Particles” and worked with a group of international and local artists to decorate the hotel with unique art pieces.


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