Scoot To Germany: Potsdam, The Imperial City ·

Scoot To Germany: Potsdam, The Imperial City

Though Scoot‘s new route to Berlin obviously connects the airline’s vast Asia-Pacific flight network with the German capital, it also allows for easy exploration of Germany’s many appealing travel experiences beyond Berlin. One of the most satisfying destinations in Germany is Potsdam, located only about 30 minutes by car from Berlin’s Tegel Airport.

Though the vast majority of visitors to Potsdam come on a daytrip from Berlin, the city is well worth spending a few days in to get to know the interesting and beautiful sights. Potsdam is a thoroughly enjoyable city with a level of cultural sophistication rarely matched in other parts of the country. Potsdam’s star attraction is, of course, the famous Sanssouci Palace, the ornate residence completed for Frederic The Great in 1747 that is small in size as palaces go but enormous on decor. The stunning Rococo interiors are matched by intricate landscaped gardens and vineyards surrounding the petit palace. Within the immense parcel of land stretching more than 2.5 kilometres are several other structures worth visiting, notably the Picture Gallery, the Chinese House, and the New Palace. Take note that the New Palace ticket office is located 300 metres away from the Palace itself; add an extra ten minutes before a planned arrival for this inconvenience.

Photography John Douglas

There are several other palaces around Potsdam such as the Marble Palace that are also worthy of a visit. Beyond palaces, the impressive Film Museum provides much insight into the history of filmmaking in Germany, especially at the famous Babelsberg film studios located on the outskirts of Potsdam. The Film Museum is located in the former royal stables, which explains the horse heads above the entrance. It is just around the corner from Am Alten Markt, the architecturally rich square that is the location of St Nicholas Church, the Potsdam Museum, and the excellent Barberini Museum. Another attraction appealing to spy aficionados is the Glienicke Bridge. The Bridge was a border between the former East and West Germany and was used as the place for the exchange of spies during the Cold War. Aside from its history, the bridge itself is interesting for its construction and the nice view of Babelsberg Castle across the lake.

Potsdam is easily accessible from Berlin and Tegel Airport by public transport, and a BerlinWelcome Card, available at the Berlin Tourism office at the airport, can get you there. Be sure to ask for the ABC version, which includes Potsdam (the AB version is only for the city of Berlin). In a twist on the usual, one could easily spend a few days staying in Potsdam and take a daytrip to Berlin. The Potsdam Tourism website has much information on the palaces of Potsdam along with other sights, attractions, and activities, which include many outdoor and sport pursuits such as kayaking, hiking, and boating.

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