Retaining the customers you have ·

Retaining the customers you have

The easiest way to grow your current client base is not to lose them. .

It costs more to obtain a new client than retain an existing one. Treating your customers right after they buy is just as important as it is before that first encounter.

One bad experience can put a client off using you again, even if the issue that they had wasn’t your fault. It’s unfair but the buck stops with you.

When these bad experiences do arise, and they will, it’s how well they are handled that will show to your client why they booked with you in the first place. And this experience, good or bad, will be what they tell their family and friends.

Here are some tips that will have your clients coming back for more.

1.      Send handwritten thank-you notes. They don’t have to be in depth, but the fact that you’ve taken the time to write them out will be appreciated by your client. Sending out generic, computer written thank you notes or emails aren’t as personable.

2.      Under-promise and over-deliver. Doing the opposite can lead to trust issues which will hamper future bookings.

3.      Return phone calls promptly. Many others just write an email as it’s easier, so take the time to return calls – you’ll automatically gain an advantage when you do.

4.      Present well when meeting with clients.  Perception is reality, and the reality is that people do judge a book by its cover.

5.      Remove the difficulties for your customers to do business with you. The easier you can make it for your customer to do business with you, the more business you will have. Think of what you can do to take away the “friction”.

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