Peru's eLearning platform, launching early 2018 ·

Peru’s eLearning platform, launching early 2018

On November 6th at London’s World Travel Mart, PROMPERÚ launched a new international campaign with the slogan ‘Peru, the richest country in the world’. The campaign seeks to capture international attention for the incomparable wealth that Peru offers regarding invaluable experiences such as culture, nature, gastronomy and adventure activities. Thanks to the care and transformative action of the ancient Peruvians, traditions have been preserved from generation to generation in the Amazon, in the Andes and the Coast. Such traditions enrich the experiences of travellers who visit Peru in the present day. The campaign will be available in seven languages and will be shown in 19 countries including Australia.

Peru awarded ‘Best Culinary Destination’ and Machu Picchu awarded ‘Best Tourist Attraction’ in the world at the World Travel Awards 2017

For the sixth consecutive year, Peru has received the recognition as ‘Best Culinary Destination’ in the world, while the Archaeological Complex of Machu Picchu was awarded as ‘Best Tourist Attraction’ in the latest edition of the prestigious World Travel Awards (WTA), held in December in Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

“These recognitions that we receive as a country are the result of the work we are doing to promote our tourism resources and our gastronomy. These awards help to highlight Peru in the eyes of the world. Therefore, we will continue to work to maintain our top position, and to contribute to improving the quality of life of all those Peruvians whose welfare depends on the growth of international tourist arrivals,” said Isabella Falco, Country Image Director of PROMPERÚ.

According to a study conducted by PROMPERÚ, the main reason to visit Peru is to see Machu Picchu. However, gastronomy also features amongst the other motivators of travel. The same report shows that 82% of the tourists who visit the country consider Peru as a gastronomic destination, and 25% say that the knowledge about Peruvian cuisine is growing in their countries of origin.

Currently there are three Peruvian restaurants that are on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in the World: Central (5th place), Maido (8) and Astrid & Gaston (33); and there are 10 restaurants positioned on the list of The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America: Maido (1), Central (2), Astrid & Gaston (7), Osso Carnicería y Salumeria (12), La Mar (15) , Isolina (21), Rafael (24), Malabar (30), Fiesta (46) and Ámaz (47).

Destination Feature: Gocta Falls

If someone were to ask you to list the world’s highest waterfalls, would you be able to? Would any Peruvian destinations feature on your waterfall list? Commonly known for its archaeological sites, living cultures and outstanding gastronomy, Peru is also home to 3 of the highest and most stunning waterfalls in the world! Taking into account both segments of its fall, Gocta Falls actually constitutes the 3rd largest waterfall in the world. The waterfall is located in the Amazonas ‘Chachapoyas’ region, an area PROMPERU is actively promoting within Australia.

Unless your clients are travelling around Peru with on-the-ground arrangements only, arriving to Chachapoyas is best done with a direct flight from Lima to Jaen with LATAM airlines. A transfer from Jaen to Chachapoyas town or Gocta Falls takes 3.5 hours and offers unrivalled verdant scenery spanning rice paddies and coffee plantations that give way to mountainous Amazonas terrain.

From the town of Cocachimba, visitors can enjoy the panoramic views to Gocta Falls. Arrival to the falls by foot is approximately a 4-hour return hike from Cocachimba. Alternatively, visitors can opt for the horse and guide option for a portion of the hike. A minimal entrance fee to Gocta Falls is payable in Cocachimba.Visitors can make their way to the very base of the falls, where they can touch and taste the pristine waters from the Amazonas. A roaring thunder sound can be heard upon approaching the falls – a highlight for many visitors!

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