Paris – the city that we all think we know ·

Paris –the city that we all think we know!

Paris –the city that we all think we know!  It’s renowned throughout the world for its fashion, food, art and culture; it’s exactly why millions of us visit each year!  But it’s also known to be pretty pricey! But when you look closer there is so much free stuff to do in Paris, here are some pretty awesome things to do that are free or won’t break the bank, and are pretty Insta cool too! 

Many of the museums in Paris are free at different times, but on the first Sunday of the month, the Louvre, Musée Rodin, Musée Picasso, Musée d’Orsay and others are completely FREE! Keep some time to do the Louvre though, it’s the biggest museum in the world and can take hours!  A good tip though is to avoid the glass pyramid entrance (unless it’s an insta must), head to one of the many smaller, side entrances to avoid the queues!

Other pretty cool places to visit for absolutely nothing, are Maison de Victor Hugo in the 4th arrondissement – the city apartment of France’s great poet.  Père-Lachaise cemetery, located in the 20th Arondissement is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. Famous graves include Oscar Wilde, Balzac, Jim Morrison to name a few.  Jardin des Plantes is a pretty cool botanical gardens (opposite Gare d’Austerlitz) and well worth a wander on a nice day. 

If you’re looking for another Insta hot tip, then head to the Wall of Love in Montmartre. It’s a 40 squre meter art installation featuring ‘I love you’ in 0ver 250 languages.

A particular favourite of ours is the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussman.  One of Paris’ most famous department store offers the best free views from their rooftop terrace.

One of the best low cost foodie things to do in Paris is to have a jambon-buerre.  It’s so much more than a ham baguette, it’s eating like a Parisien; filling and cheap.

So there you have it, some inspo on free things to do in Paris which are pretty cool for the Insta feed too! Oh, and did we mention that Stuba feature over 1200 hotels in Paris alone?! 



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