Networking with Skål International Sydney ·

Networking with Skål International Sydney

Skål International Sydney (SIS) members have been networking across the world this past month, meeting up with fellow international Skålleages in Paris, Beijing and Sydney.

In Sydney, David Phillips, owner, beer guru, and tour dude at Dave’s, was the guest speaker at Skål International Sydney’s monthly networking meeting held at All Hands Brewing House. Not only were members and guests inspired by Dave’s story of an engineer turned travel entrepreneur, but they received a passionate introduction to craft beer.

Winning Best Tour and Transport Operator for NSW at the 2017 NSW Tourism Awards, Dave’s is leading the way in beer tourism in Australia, and is now expanding internationally to to provide overseas beercations for clients.

Earlier that week SIS President, Walter Nand, was in Paris and reached out to Skål International Paris President Karine Coulanges.

“I had a marvellous meeting with Past World President and current President of Skål International Paris, Karine Coulanges”, said Mr Nand, “we caught up at this cute French restaurant, Balloon Des Ternes, that she has frequented for more than 40 years”.

SIS Secretary, Sabina Ziolkowski, spent a few days in Beijing and not only met with Skål International Beijing members to learn more about their businesses, but also had the opportunity to meet with fellow Skålleagues visiting from Macau, Finland and Spain, including Skål International President, Susanna Saari, and Skål International CEO, Daniela Otero.

“It’s easy to tap into the Skål global database and reach out to members in other countries”, said SIS Secretary Sabina Ziolkowski, “connecting with fellow Skålleagues when travelling is like catching up with friends; you share a similar passion for travel and you have a common interest.”

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